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crusher run in johore bahru

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Gravel production line is a production of construction sand and stone dedicated production line equipment. Gravel production line is defined according to the material type, producing the finished product, including stone and sand, therefore, also known as sand and gravel production line.
crusher run in johore bahru

This is generally limestone or dolomite that has been crushed and graded by screens to certain size classes. It is widely used in concrete and as a surfacing for roads and driveways, sometimes with tar applied over it. Crushed stone may also be made from granite and other rocks. A special type of limestone crushed stone is dense grade aggregate, or DGA, also known as crusher run, or colloquially as "crush and run". This is a mixed grade of mostly small crushed stone in a matrix of crushed limestone powder.

Our gravel production line is suitable for artificial sand making or processing hard limestone, granite, basalt, cobble and other aggregates. It is applicable to power industry, building materials processing, road building, and construction industry and other fields.

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