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Tire mobile crushing station help Construction of the Kent Bridge

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  June 12, 2016, a tire crusher mobile crusher exports to Russia, Liming successfully opened up the Crimean market.

Tire mobile crushing station

  The Kent Bridge is used to connect Russia and the Crimea. March 2016, Putin went to the Crimea to visit the local infrastructure construction, the Keng Strait Bridge project to be approved. In June last year, the Crimean government sent three engineers to visit the production line, a limestone mobile station production line and a granite mobile station production line, which were supplied by Liming Heavy Industry in Russia. Detailed communication with the two customers, the operation of the production line, the management of the mine and so on, the Crimean government decided to use the tires mobile crushing station, used to complete the project construction.

  The Russian government strongly supports the economic development of the Crimea, including the construction of the Cross Strait Bridge, road and port rehabilitation, energy and water supply systems, high technology and industrial park construction, health and education infrastructure investment. One of the largest expenditures is the development of peninsula transport facilities. The mobile crushing station, will be used for the Crimea government-supported construction of the bridge across the sea. In late August, this tire mobile crushing station production line will go to the ocean, went to the Crimea.

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