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Milling machine to deal with urban construction waste - milling machinery network

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Milling machine to deal with urban construction waste

  It is not difficult to imagine the amount of construction waste is huge, which is not the new city construction, urban village transformation, high-speed rail, highways and other waste generated by the subway to the construction of subway. Efficient high-quality, energy saving and environmental protection of the mill can not lag behind the needs of urban construction, Liming Heavy vertical milling machine constantly upgrading to provide better service.

  Vertical milling machine is in the table for the advanced technology on the basis of Dawn Heavy Industry over the years with the production experience, design and development of advanced milling equipment, vertical milling machine is the international advanced level of China's latest patented products, Chinese experts for many years careful development and innovation of the development, based on the use of mill users and ideas, updated to improve the design made for the vast country and surface users a new type of high efficiency, energy-saving high-fine milling equipment, The model uses a trapezoidal face, flexible connection, roller roller pressure boosting five patented technology, to the crushing of materials, milling, boring, grading and transport in one of the mills ideal equipment, vertical mill Powder machine can be applied to different non-metallic occupations and fields.

  If you want to know the specific parameters of vertical milling machine, please leave your information will be professionals to explain to you later, or you can contact us online production, import and export material size, price and so on.

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